3 Effective Ways to Save for your Next Vacation

It isn’t just millennials that have understood the joys of travelling, people from every generation have now begun to plan and go on vacations. With several modes of transport and places becoming easier to get to, travelling is certainly one of the most amazing things to do. While most of us are aware of how much fun it can be to travel, it can also be an expensive activity. Here are some great ways to save money so you can spend them on your vacations.

Start a separate bank account

This is probably one of the most prudent ways to save for vacations. At the end of every month you will likely have some amount of money left over. Often this might seem like too little to save so you might opt to spend it on a night out, shopping or some other indulgence. If you start a separate bank account for your vacations, this can be deposited there. If you think about it, even 2,000 every month adds up to 24,000 at the end of the year which could be a great short trip.


Spend on your other expenses wisely

If you plan out buying your necessities like groceries and toiletries, you’d be surprised how much you can save. Buying items that are not perishable in bulk will usually give you a great price and lead to substantial savings over time. Perishable items like vegetables and fruits are also cheaper when purchased from local farmers markets and they are usually much fresher and tastier.


Spend less on night outs

Whether it is a meal or movie, going out can be expensive. It isn’t just the activity itself all the peripheral expenses. Popcorn during the movie, cabs on night outs all add up. A great way to save for your travels is to reduce this expense. By cutting out one movie or one dinner, you’d be surprised at how much you’d save. A great way to continue the fun but save money is to plan evenings at home. Call your friends over to cook a group meal and watch films at home.

Vacations are important, they help to destress, unwind and rejuvenate, all important to the body and mind. Saving for these vacations can be fun too, and you can think of your own ways to do it. A great tip for your holiday would be to book a licenced tour guide in India through Odigos. That way you get to learn more about the place and the fun things to do too! Just write to info@odigosguides.com or call on +91 124-4610699 for more information about this beautiful place. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Save for Next Vacations