A Guide on how to Travel with Pets

For people with pets, planning holidays can be difficult. With limited options for good pet boarding facilities, often pet owners forego travelling rather than leaving their pets behind. Boarding for pets can be expensive and stressful as you never know how they get on without you. However, as more people have pets, the options for travelling with pets is also increasing. Here are some things to keep in mind before you plan your next vacation.


If your next holiday destination involves plane travel you can take your pet along with you. Domestic airlines offer pet passage to destinations, though you cannot keep your pet with you. Dogs and cats are sedated and put into crates and are kept in the cargo area during the flight.


If you are reluctant to be separated from your furry friend, train journeys are a good option. There is a separate charge for pets that should be checked while booking tickets. Pets are allowed to accompany their owners in trains but only in the first-class compartments if fellow passengers do not object. You’d have to ensure that your pet is well-behaved so there are no complaints against them. Objections will require you to place your pet in the luggage car in a crate. A good idea will be to book an entire first-class compartment (there are two or four berth compartments in first class). During the journey you will have to provide food and water for the pet and of course, dogs and cats must have collars and be leashed.

With the great work being done on the highways in India, driving is also a great way to travel with pets. Dogs or cats might increase the length of the journey as you might have to take more stops for calls of nature. If your pet has motion sickness you should consult your vet on possible preventive medication.



There are many hotels and home stays that are pet friendly but most do not allow pets. When you book your hotel, make sure to find one that accepts pets to avoid last minute problems. Calling ahead and making sure is a good idea. For the duration of your stay you should keep your dog or cat leashed as the exciting smells of this new environment be too enticing to keep them close to you. You should find out whether food is provided for your furry friend, especially if your pet has special dietary needs. Alternatively carrying pet food is an option too.

Before you head out on adventures with your pet friends be sure to get them checked out by your vet to ascertain their fitness for travel. Be sure to take loads of pictures! Odigos offers tours guides and experiences of various places that are pet friendly. You can also write to info@odigosguides.com or call on +91 124-4610699 for more information about any spot in India.

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