A visit to Shillong’s Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture

India Heritage Walk Festival brings you the Don Bosco Centre tour on 16th Feb 2019, from 9 am. All bookings for this special ‘anubhuti’ walk are powered by Odigos.

A popular hill station from Northeast, Shillong is a great destination that fits the dream of nature lover and adventure junkie. It is also known as the “Scotland of East” because of its picturesque landscapes. The soothing climate makes Shillong suitable to visit in all seasons. One can find descendants of the Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal and Langrim tribes.


Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous culture is a museum that gives the clear insight about the history and culture of the tribes who lived in the ancient times. It has seventeen galleries that showcases the artefacts, paintings, tools etc. The museum highlights the various Catholic churches of the North-East.
Ms. Naphibahun Lyngdoh will be your walk leader. She is an archaeologist and a history teacher. She loves exploring new places and meeting new people, learning their different ways of life, cultures and traditions, and seeing what makes them unique.

To know more about the walk, please visit the link of – Shillong’s Don Bosco Centre

Important Information

  •  This will be free guided tour and has been specially curated for the students of St John Bosco School.
  • The meeting point will be Outside St. John Bosco School and time will be 09:45 am
  •  Please carry valid student photo IDs.
  •  Please carry drinking water and wear comfortable shoes.
  •  Photography inside the museum is chargeable.

Source: India Heritage Walk Festival

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