A Visit to the Majestic Ladakh

Ladakh is an impressive bliss of the Himalayas. It is one place that is considered as a heaven by everyone who is on a lookout adventure. Apart from adventure, this place is the center of Buddhism-Tibetan culture and architecture. It is also an excellent place to understand ecological awareness. If you’re interested in adventure, culture, cuisine or sceneries, then there is nothing quite like the greatness of Ladakh.

1. Stok Village Visit with Local Meal

You will visit the house of a local family in Stok Village. A traditional Ladakhi home-cooked meal will be served to you along with Tibetan Butter tea. You can take a tour of their organic farm and meet the animals there. Interaction with the family will give you an insight about life in Ladakh. After the meal, you can visit Stok Village Palace and Museum.


Important Information

  •  Cost: INR 1250 per head
  •  Inclusions: Guide, Meal
  •  Exclusions: Incidental Charges, Transportation
  •  Things to keep in mind: Please wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. Please share any food allergies and preferences while booking.

In-case you do not have transport it can be arranged on additional payment. Please request in advance

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2. Rafting down the Zanskar

Zanskar Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ladakh. The valley is known for its views and sceneries, cave monasteries and mostly for adventures like trekking trails and river rafting experiences.

The views from Leh to the starting point of the rafting site in Remala comprise of some spectacular scenery laden with beautiful passes and villages as well as some majestic monasteries that add to the overall experience. Perched at 12,000ft, rafting enthusiast can bounce against challenging rapids and enjoy an unwinding experience on the banks of the Zanskar River. This exciting adventure is enhanced by the breath-taking landscapes that altogether make for one of the most unforgettable trips.


Important Information

  •  Cost: INR 2625 per head
  •  Inclusions: Entrance access
  •  Exclusions: Incidental Charges
  •  Things to keep in mind: Wear Comfortable clothing and carry a change of clothes. Please check with your doctor in case you have any medical conditions before doing this experience.

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