A Walk to Sikandra – Emperor Akbar’s Tomb

India Walk Heritage Festival presents you the Sikandra tour on 3rd feb 2019, from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. All bookings for this walk are powered by Odigos.

Agra is famous for its historical places. One of them is Sikandra – Akbar’s Tomb. It is a magnificent complex of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. It’s also known as his resting place. The tomb is located in the suburbs of Agra, and is four kilometer from the main city. While walking towards the tomb’s entrance you will find the beauty of Mughal styled gardens. The tomb is the perfect mix of Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Jain designs. It’s a five storey building made with red marble except the fifth one, which is built with white marble.


The walk will be led by Mr. Jitendra Kumar. He loves to explore the history and culture of the city. He is a teacher of martial arts and also a practitioner of Kalaripayattu- the ancient Indian martial art form.

To register please visit the link –  tour of Sikandra – Emperor Akbar’s Tomb

This will be a free guided tour. The meeting point is parking area of Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra Agra and the time is 07:45am.

  •  Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes and carry water
  •  You may carry your cameras and notebooks.
  •  Entry fees to the monument are to be borne by the participant.
  •  Authorised parking facilities are available at the complex.
  • Contact: 8602444095 (Jitendra)

(Source: India Heritage Walk Festival)

The festival is led by Sahapedia in partnership with UNESCO and all of the festival’s bookings are powered by Odigos.

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