Best Cameras for Travel Photography Beginners

Photographs capture memories you can cherish forever. They are special souvenirs because you’ve created it yourself and it shows your vision. A photograph is also an excellent way to share your experiences with your family and friends and social media followers. Though smartphones these days have exceptional cameras, they do not have the same range and zoom functions as a DSLR. However, unless you are a professional photographer, choosing a good camera can be quite confusing, there are just so many options.


There are a few important things to consider before choosing a camera like cost, weight, range, etc. Here are some of the best beginner friendly travel cameras:

Panasonic Lumix ZS200 / TZ200

This advanced touchscreen camera is one of the best in the market currently and is beginner friendly. Though the zoom lens is not as good as other travel cameras, this one has better sensors that give better quality images. It also has an excellent 4K photo mode that captures great quality videos and it has an electronic viewfinder which is helpful too. This is one of the more expensive cameras but the 15x zoom and the 1-inch sensor in its small size make it well worth the price.



Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI

If you’re planning a trip to an animal reserve or are interested in nature photography, this camera is great because of its zoom lens, in spite of the cost. This conveniently small camera is perfect for travelling because of its size. The autofocus system and the 4K video recording are excellent bonuses that make it well worth the price tag. It has a 20-megapixel sensor with a three-inch touchscreen that is perfect for travel photography.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

The auto exposure modes in this camera are a good help for beginners. It also has a good long zoom and 20-megapixel sensor to enhance the picture quality. The camera has a flip screen so you don’t have to keep moving this way and that trying to get the best selfie. The flip screen is an advantage for low angle photographs too. This camera isn’t quite as expensive as the other two but it lacks many features that are available in advanced cameras.

As cameras are not exactly cheap, it is a good idea to do your research before buying one. Make sure you’ve checked online and in stores for the best price too and perhaps be on the look out for sales. Once you’ve got your brand-new camera, be sure to book some tours on the Odigos app and get started on those beautiful photographs! Odigos also offers some engaging photography tours around your favourite cities.

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