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A Travel Guide to Orchha

A quaint little place with an odd name and breath-taking architecture, learn about the rich history and folklore of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. Founded in the late 1500s by Rudra Pratap, the Bundela Rajput chief, this town lies on the banks of the Betwa River. This little city has several beautiful temples, cenotaphs, and palace that

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31st Delhi International Mango Festival

In India, the summer season kick-start the arrival of mangoes, ‘the king of fruits’. During this season you will find mango festivals held in different parts of India to celebrate where different varieties are put up. The International Mango festival held in Delhi allows you to gobble mangoes from different parts of India in just

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Best Yoga Retreats in India for a Wellness Vacation

The ancient practice of yoga is one that has regained popularity around the world. There are many different kinds of yoga, though the principle behind them remains the same – mindfulness. Yoga is recommended by healthcare practitioners around the world for its myriad benefits to the body and mind. With India being the birthplace of

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National park Kaziranga park

Top 3 National Parks You Must Explore in India

Diverse in topography, India is home to several species of animals and birds. A photographer’s dream, there are several rare creatures that are on the endangered list. To protect them and their habitat, India has many national parks. Whether you are an expert or novice photographer or someone who wishes to see nature in its

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