Delicacies of the Walled Street of Amdavad

India Heritage Walk Festival brings you the Amdavad food tour on 3rd feb 2019, from 8:30am – 10:30am. All bookings for this walk are powered by Odigos.

Gujarat’s food has delighted Indians and indeed, people from around the world and the best place to soak this traditional cuisine is Ahmedabad. You can wander in the old lanes of the city in search of flavours that defines the Gujarati culture. You can not only visit age old food stalls but also relish their special dishes and know how, when and who started these food outlets.


Mr Sukrit Sen will be your walk leader. He is an architect by profession and currently pursuing his masters in Heritage Management at the Centre of Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University.

To register please visit the link – Amdavad food tour.

This will be a free guided tour. The meeting point will be Raipur Bhajia House and time will be 8:15am. There will be no entry fees. Please wear comfortable shoes and carry drinking water. Also dress accordingly as we will be visiting religious sites and carry something to cover your head for the mosque. Costs at the eateries are to be borne by the participants.

The festival is led by Sahapedia in partnership with UNESCO and all of the festival’s bookings are powered by Odigos.

Source: India Heritage Walk Festival

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