Dream a little dream – A walk around Colaba & Kala Ghoda

Mumbai – ‘the city of dreams’ can never described in words – be its traditions, cultures or nightlife. At its southernmost point lies the vibrant and colourful Colaba known for its restaurants, cafes, and architectural masterpieces. A great tip for anyone visiting Colaba is to take a walking tour. It’s an interesting way to see the details in which seems like a feverish jumble of life.

Heritage Walk

A must visit is the Gateway of India, where you can also experience the scenic view of the Arabian Sea and city. A few steps away is the iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel dominating the city’s skyline. You can book a certified Tour Guide from Odigos app to help you with the ways, and get insight into the rich culture of this city.


Shopping Paradise

A collage of cultures, Colaba balances the old world charm with glittering modern stores. The moment you arrive at the Colaba causeway, the street shopping journey begins. You will find everything from bookstalls and artifacts to antique silver jewellery and fashionable boutiques. Make sure to utilise your bargaining skills!

Food Trail

Enjoy a Mughal feast from Bade Miyan, known for their rolls and world famous seekh kebabs. Looking for a casual bistro? Leopold Café and Cafe Mondegar are the attractions. The atmosphere of these places is certainly inspiring, and will take you back to the good old days.

Museums & Galleries

If you are in Colaba then don’t miss a chance to go gallery hopping! The journey begins from Jehangir Art Museum at Kala Ghoda – one of the prestigious venues for art aficionados. You can also visit the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), known for its magnificent collection of paintings, sculptures and handcrafts

Jehangir Art Museum



Regal Cinema is one of the oldest theatres in Mumbai. Its glorious Art Deco façade remains unchanged since its opening in 1933. Not just a place of entertainment, the theatre encapsulates the history of the bygone era. After you’re done admiring the architecture, you can catch the latest flick and be a part of the Bollywood dream, even if for just a few hours.

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