Essentials to carry when travelling

Travelling is becoming increasingly common these days, not just for leisure but also for work. While even a decade or two ago at most people went on holidays once a year, now many go on at least short weekend trips almost every other month. Whether you are an experienced traveller or new there are some things that are absolutely essential to carry along.

essentials to carry

1. Documents:

Carrying ID is becoming increasingly necessary while travelling even if you are not going abroad. Trains, planes and even buses require ID proof to let you remain on board. Hotels, too, require ID for all guests.

2. Cash:

Though most of the country has ATMs and banks, not all of them are functional. Travelling to remote locations or small towns will usually prove this. Not all restaurants and shops in smaller cities have card machines either. Carrying some cash is necessary especially if your destination is not a big city or you might have to spend half a day looking for ways to withdraw cash.

Cash carry

3. Toiletries:

Almost all hotels will provide the bare essential toiletries like soap and shampoo but it is still a good idea to carry them with you especially if you have sensitive skin. Of course, your toothbrush and some toothpaste are important to carry.

4. Medicines:

If you have a long journey before you arrive at your destination then a small pouch with basic medicines is a must have. This is especially important if you are prone to motion sickness or have a sensitive tummy.

5. Umbrella and a light jacket:

These two should be essential to all people at all times considering how unpredictable the weather can be these days. The umbrella is most important when travelling as most of you will be carrying a limited number of clothes.

6. Towels:

Douglas Adams said that the towel was most essential to any hitchhiker because of its multiple uses. Whether hitchhiking or not, towels are not only great to wipe yourself after a bath, it can also be used as a pillow or even a shawl when it gets cold. Towels are great specially if your journey is longer than a couple of hours and you have kids.

Vacations can go from fun to disastrous quite quickly, and while you’d get a great story out of it, carrying these essentials might ensure they remain enjoyable. Wherever you’re planning your next holiday, check out Odigos to book the best tour guides in India to enhance your vacation.

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