Explore the Historic Panaji City With India Heritage walk Festival

India Walk Heritage Festival presents you the Panaji City tour on 9th Feb 2019, from 7:30 am – 10:00 am. All bookings for this walk are powered by Odigos.

Panaji, known as Panjim in English, is the capital of Goa state. Panaji is also spelled in different languages with different names like- Ponnji in Konkani and Pongim in Portuguese. The city is situated on the banks of the Mandovi River. The city has its own charm by offering majestic historical structures, various architectural designs, beautiful beaches and a mix of different cultures. The residents of Panaji mainly belong to Hindu and Christian Religion.

The tour will begin at Tobacco Square which is the ancient Post Office. Then we will move towards the Latin Quarter also known as Fontainhans. It is the oldest city district in Panaji’s with heritage buildings. Moving forward we will ahead the tour towards the traditional walk to Maruti Temple and Church Square. The Maruti temple is situated on top of Altinho hillock. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and looks more beautiful when lit up at night.


The walk will be led by Ramchandra Prabhu Salgaonkar. He is a Mechanical Engineer from Goa Institute of Management. He has a 13 years of Cross-Functional experience of working with TATA Motors, IFB and Maruti Suzuki in Marketing and Sales department. He is interested in travelling from an early age and travelled to 18 countries.


To register please visit the link of – Panaji City Tour


Things to Remember –

  • This will be a free guided tour. The meeting point is General Post Office (GPO), Panaji and the time is 07:15am.
  • Please note that the meeting point is a 500-meter-walk from the nearest bus stand, Kadamba.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and carry drinking water
  • No entry fees.
  • As we shall be visiting religious sites, please dress accordingly. Please carry something to cover your head (compulsory).
  • You may carry your cameras and notebooks.
  • Limited parking facilities are available at the meeting point. Hence, we recommend that you use public transport.
  • Photography allowed
  • Contact: 9923388999 (Ram)

(Source: India Heritage Walk Festival)

Panji City Tour with Odigos