Festivals of India: Where to Visit for Best Experience

As a country with many religions and practices, India has many festivals that are a thrill to witness. A breath-taking array of colours, food and beliefs, each part of the country celebrates even the common occasions like Holi and Diwali differently. Here are some of the most popular festivals in India and great places to celebrate them.


Perhaps the most known festival around the world, ‘the festival of colours’ celebrated in the month of February and March has many legends behind it. One legend tells of Holika who tried to kill her nephew, Prahlad, by entering a fire pit with him. Holika had been blessed with immunity to fire but her nephew, a devotee to Lord Vishnu, was unharmed by the fire and Holika turned to ashes. Holi marks this victory of good over evil. Another legend tells of Lord Krishna colouring his beloved Radha’s face as he was jealous that she was fairer than him. The best place to celebrate this festival is in Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Odigos has excellent certified tour guides in India for the spectacular monuments, culture and history of these cities.



Celebrated in Kerala over a 10 day period in August or September, Onam marks the glorious reign of King Mahabali. This mythical king was so beloved by his people that jealous gods decided to send him to the netherworld. Lord Vishnu was to complete this task but before he did, he granted King Mahabali a wish that he be allowed to visit his people once a year. Exquisite food, boat races and spectacular clothes mark this festival. The best place to celebrate is in the backwaters of Kerala in Punnamada Lake that holds the Nehru boat race, the oldest snake boat race in the state. While in Kerala visit the Odigos app to book tourist guide in India to get a better picture of the culture and the legend of this beautiful state.



The biggest religious festival of India, Diwali is the Hindu ‘festival of lights’. Celebrated over a period of a few days in between mid-October and November, depending on the Hindu calendar, people from around the country mark this occasion with much gusto and enthusiasm. Most believe that Diwali marks the return of Lord Ram after his exile, however, some around the country mark this as the day the Pandevas returned from their banishment into the forest. As Diwali is more of a family festival, the best way is to stay with friends or in a home-stay, especially in Varanasi, Delhi or Jaipur.

A trip to India is highly recommended during the festive seasons for someone who wants to understand the meaning behind the celebrations. Plan your trip with Odigos and discover cultural side of India with top-rated tour guides and experiences. Just write to info@odigosguides.com or call on +91 124-4610699 for more information about any spot. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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