Hotels or Homestays, which one’s better?

Travelling to a new city awakens the explorer in all of us. Walking around the city and meeting new people, understanding their views on life and tasting the cuisine are great ways to make new memories. While earlier hotels were the only options available, these days there are a number of places to stay, including homestays. Deciding which to choose can be tricky, so here are a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


A homestay, as the word states, is a stay at a host’s home. With the tourism industry booming, many people have started opening their homes to vacationers.

Some of the pros of a homestay are:

Authentic experience: When you live in the home of a local, your experience in the city will be richer and more personal. You will also be treated to authentic cuisine from the place.

Making new friends: Most often the people you stay with become such a great part of your holiday you will inevitably make new friends. It is also helpful if you are travelling solo because your host will know the city well.

Income for locals: If you are a conscientious traveller, a homestay will check this box for you too. Homestays not only provide an income for the locals, they are also usually cheaper.



Cleanliness: Room service is available in a hotel but usually not in a homestay.

Hidden costs: It is possible that you incur hidden costs like additional taxes or toiletries at a homestay.

Deceptive marketing: A great photographer can make a tiny space look enormous. Deceptive marketing can be an issue with a homestay.


Many of us will choose hotels because it is the norm.

Here are some pros of a hotel:

Easier to book: Hotels have sites and booking in advance is usually much easier. When you arrive in the city chances are taxi drivers will be more familiar with a hotel than they will be with someone’s home.

Room Service: Room service is one of the best features of a hotel especially if you’ve spent the day out and about.

Safer: Hotels will usually have security guards and most offer safes inside rooms to protect your belongings.


Impersonal: Quite often hotels will dilute the authenticity of the city in their food and staff.

Expensive: Hotels are usually a lot more expensive than a homestay.

Location: Homestays will often be in excellent central locations while only the most expensive hotels provide that advantage.

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