Kanheri Caves a Treasure Trove of History

India Heritage Walk Festival brings you the Kanheri Caves tour on 17th Feb 2019, from 9:30am – 12:30am. All bookings for this walk are powered by Odigos.

Located in the surrounding of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park are the Buddhist style caves called Kanheri Caves. The word Kanheri originates from the Sanskrit term ‘Krishnagiri’ which means black mountain and is mostly named after its black basaltic stone. The caves are famous for its 109 special entrances and ancient sculptures, paintings and inscriptions dated from 1st century BC to 11th century AD. It is one of the oldest and largest cave complexes in the country.


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Ms Sneha Nagarkar will be your walk leader. She is a lecturer and who has done master in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology. Her passion is Ancient Indian History and she is always looking out for opportunities where she can share her passion with others.

Important Information

  • This will be a free guided tour.
  • The meeting point will be Main Entrance Gate of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East and time will be 09:15 am.
  • Participants will have to purchase entry tickets to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (approximately Rs 55/- per head), bus tickets to Kanheri Caves (approximately Rs 55/- per head (one way)) and entry tickets to the Kanheri Caves (Rs 25/- per head).
  •  Parking space is available at the foot of the caves.
  •  Photography allowed.
  •  Please wear comfortable and suitable footwear and carry water and dry snacks.
  •  There is an eatery near the caves.

Source: India Heritage Walks Festival

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