Tips on where to Travel next

Whether you travel extensively or just go on holidays once a year, deciding where to go can be quite confusing. With a world of places to explore, how does one decide where to go? Even the reluctant traveler will have at least 10 cities, towns or countries they have to choose from. To help make the decision easier, here are some ways to choose where to travel next.

Consult the map:

While this sounds proper, the suggestion is anything but. This is a fun way to make a decision if you have absolutely no idea where to go next. Have a map open in front of you, close your eyes and just point. If that seems too simple try blindfolded darts but of course, make sure there is no one around you might accidently hit.


Rock paper scissors:

If you’re travelling with a group and every one of you has a different destination in mind, a game of rock paper scissors is an excellent tie breaker. This is also a fun way to keep children involved in the planning process if you’re travelling with your little ones.

Take a quiz:

There are plenty of quizzes available that will help you to make this tricky decision. Taking into account your preferred places of travel and some aspects of your personality, these quizzes are also an interesting way choose your next destination.

If you would rather pick a place in a less quirky manner, here are some points to consider.

Expense and duration:

Deciding how much you can spend on your holiday is a good beginning. Depending on your budget you can figure out your mode of transport. A bigger budget will include planes and destinations that are further away, while trains and buses are more economical. However, trains and buses take a lot longer. Combining these factors might help narrow your choices.



This one is really quite elementary. Most of us will travel to cooler climes in the summers and warmer places in the winters. Alternatively, if you’re more interested in winter sports or water sports your decision should be easier.

Kind of trip:

Different kinds of trips favour different destinations. A trip with friends will be better enjoyed with more activity while a romantic holiday will be more enjoyable in a dissimilar setting.

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