Top 5 Places to visit for Lohri Celebrations

Lohri is one of the most beautiful festivals marking the beginning of harvest season and celebrating the New Year’s arrival. The festival is celebrated is held in different parts of northern India. This year, Lohri falls on January 13. Not only is the festival celebrated to thank the Sun god for the year’s harvests, but it is also celebrated to mark the end of winters and the beginning of summers and another season of farming.

The main attraction of the festival is the bonfire that commemorates the Sun God, the harvest season, and Dulla Bhatti’s story. People gather around the bonfire, singing and dancing on folk songs to celebrate the festival. The other popular ritual is where all gathered around the fire and throw popcorns, puffed rice, peanuts, and sweets into the bonfire. There is also an exchange of greetings with friends and families with all love and ardour.

1. Amritsar

Amritsar is known to be one of the main religious centres in Punjab and is home to the popular Golden Temple. The city goes all out when it comes to Lohri. People put on their best clothes, prepare a variety of foods, exchanging gifts and bonfire is planned. On this day, the Golden Temple is all illuminated and langar is served to feed hundreds and thousands of visitors. You can also take Gaurav a tour guide from Odigos for a different experience in every way.


2. Jalandhar

One of the oldest cities of Punjab, Jalandhar has maintained modern and contemporary, loves to authentically celebrate this festival. The town’s inhabitants managed to maintain the social and cultural history of Punjab alive in spite of its modernisation. Other than the regular traditions and customs, you will also be able to taste excellent Punjabi cuisine. And to be a witness to the famous festival, there’s no other place to enjoy than Jalandhar.

3. Ludhiana

Ludhiana is another venue in Punjab that celebrates this festival on a grand scale. The preparations start one month ahead, people fly kites, and fairs are arranged days ahead of the festival. You can also see the local people all dressed in their colourful attires and Bhangra folk dance is performed on the streets. They all look just stunning, dressed in bright clothing, spinning on dhol’s beats. This is something which you should miss during your stay.


4. Chandigarh

The festival is celebrated in a very beautiful way in Chandigarh, both traditional and modern way! People throw parties, meet friends, wear traditional dresses, and prepare a wide variety of savouries and sweets or celebrate in their unique way. The gurudwaras are adorned with bright lights and bonfires. This festival makes it the best time to visit this city. If you are planning a trip, do a book Subham a local expert who can guide you about the traditions and culture.

5. Delhi

The capital city of India, Delhi is a must-visit destination when it comes to festivals and celebrations. During Lohri, the city’s markets are all flooded with delicacies and gifts. It is a festival that brings together people from other communities, to participate. The gurudwaras are decorated, and special langar food is served for everyone. Although the celebration is a bit different compared to that of Punjab, its fun to watch.

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