Top 8 Stunning Destinations To Visit This Monsoon

Monsoon in India is truly is a magical experience. During the season, the hills and mountains get covered with dense greenery, the waterfall sceneries become mesmerizing. Travel to some places in India is actually preferable during the monsoon season as it brings bliss, beauty, and relief from the scorching summer sun. Here we are listing out some of the best monsoon destinations of India you must visit.

1. Coorg, Karnataka

Also, known as the Scotland of India, Coorg, or Kodagu is one of the most beautiful monsoon destinations in India. This place is known for its vast coffee plantation, waterfalls and dense forests which make it a perfect destination. During the rains, the Abbey and Jog waterfalls flow in their full might, creating an impressive picture. If you are someone who is into adventure then there are numerous trekking and camping options like Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri which are quite popular.


2. Munnar, Kerala

Tea plantations amidst hills underneath the azure skies, Munnar is a gorgeous spot for a monsoon vacation. The great mountains, deep valleys, dense forest and variety of wildlife all comes to live in the rainy season making it one of the most stunning places to see in India. Visit Munnar with one of the best tour guides in India from the Odigos app to know more about the places in and around the hill station.


3. Shillong, Meghalaya

A popular hill station from Northeast, Shillong is a great destination that fits the dream of a nature lover and adventure junkie. It is also known as the “Scotland of East” because of its picturesque landscapes. You must visit the Elephant Falls and the Spread Eagle Falls. Both of these waterfalls make a remarkable sight during the rainy season. Food, especially the local delicacies and the cheap drinks sets the pace for a pleasant holiday.


4. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

A magnificent and a well-known wonderland of Himalayas. This places is a perfect destination for someone who interested in adventure, culture, cuisine or beautiful landscapes all in one. Ladakh is home to various monasteries which make it the center of Tibetan Buddhist center. Also, the famous Ladakh Festival takes place in the month of September. It’s a spectacle of a show and a must visit!


5. Goa

Goa is among the popular monsoon destination in India. There are much more to do than those beaches and adventures. The Dudhsagar Falls is one such place which has to turn out to be the biggest tourist puller in the monsoon season. The waterfall is picture perfect with thriving green forests. From a distance, the waterfall looks like the flow of milk down the mountains and hence, the name Dudhsagar, literally meaning ‘Sea of Milk’. Apart from it the delicious Goan cuisine and the architecture beauty are the other attractions for travellers during the monsoon.


6. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Located at the Palani Hills of Western Ghats. Kodaikanal is a place of charming beauty. This place is blessed with a beautiful lake and waterfalls, which makes it a perfect destination for monsoon getaway in South India. Also, after the rains, the waterfalls are a sight worth seeing. You can also visit the Kodai Lake which is the man-made lake surrounded by rocks and trees and enjoy the scenic view of the hills.


7. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, the City of Lakes should be on your list to travel in India during monsoon. The rains in the monsoon enhance the beauty and charm of this scenic destination as it turns greener along with the pristine lakes and palaces offer breathtaking views of the city. There is a number of sights like the renowned City Palace besides the shimmering Lake Pichola and Bagore Ki Haveli that are worth touring.


8. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Known as the Queen of the Hills, this beautiful hill station is one that has found a place in the hearts of all that have visited. It is also known for the tea industry and popular tourist destinations. Due to surrounded hills, it receives heavy showers during the monsoon.

India is a diverse country, with countless destinations – one more beautiful than the other. With so many wondrous sights, not all could have been mentioned. Whether you want to explore these cities or any others, download the Odigos App where you can choose the best tour guides and experiences that India has to offer.

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