Travel according to your sun sign

Astrology has been used often to determine the characteristics of a person. While it is not necessary that everyone from the same sun sign shares the same traits, there are striking similarities. This has been the basis of determining compatibility for love and friendships, but can also be used to determine the best places to visit. Here are the best places to travel to according to your sun sign.

Sun Sign


Adventure is what appeals most to the Aries. Trekking, rock climbing or bungee jumping are what you’re looking for if you fall under this sign. Himachal Pradesh has excellent options for adventures, other places you’d love are the North East and Ladakh. Check out the adventure tours or book Mohan Singh, a local expert from Odigos for Himachal.


Good planning and plenty of research will make your Taurus heart jump for joy. Leisurely holidays with in nature in are great for this sun sign. Places to visit include Daman and Diu, the Andamans and wildlife resorts.

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A Gemini loves adventure and activity. Not one for sitting around, you would enjoy getting to know your surroundings and doing everything there is to do where you are. You’d love mountain destinations.


Making memories and reminiscing are what make a perfect holiday for those born under this sun sign. The best places for you would be near a water body like Rishikesh, Goa and Andamans.


Leos love luxury and are quite often the dominating personalities on any holiday, often picking activities and deciding itineraries. Rajasthan’s many beautiful cities would make the perfect holiday for you. Be sure to check our certified tour guide Navdeep Singh Rathore, from Udaipur on Odigos for the personal tour guides.

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Though Virgos aren’t that into travelling, when they do every aspect of the trip will be planned to the minutest detail. Fun loving Virgos would love travelling to the South of India in states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


Relaxing, adventure, the best food and learning about the local culture, a Libra would love to have a bit of everything on their holiday. An excellent place for this sun sign is Ladakh with its versatile environs.

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Happy to splurge to enjoy the luxury in any place, a Scorpio prefers visiting places that are not full of tourists. If you’re a Scorpio, you probably travel solo and enjoy your own company. Places to visit include the lesser known places in Kashmir and Ladakh.


If you are or know a Sagittarius, then you probably know how friendly people of this sign are. Whether travelling alone or in a group, you’re definitely going to end up with a lot more friends by the end of your holiday. Places to visit are Himachal Pradesh and the North East. Check out Odigos for tours to get the best tour guides in India.

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Ambitious and inquisitive, Capricorns love going to places with history and culture. If you are born under this sun sign, great holiday destinations for you would include Rajasthan, Agra and Delhi – the Golden Triangle.


Easy going travellers, if you are an Aquarian you will enjoy a new experience over an old one. Spending time in leisure and relaxation are the perfect experiences for you. Places to explore for you are: Kerala, Mukteshwar or the Andamans.


If you are a Pisces, you will be happiest around the coast enjoying the sea. Plan a trip to the lovely coastal areas when you’re going on holiday like Goa or Lakshadweep. Odigos has some great tour guides in Goa, be sure to check out the options on the app!

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